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Re: [school-discuss] Possibilities

>Here is my question:  Is it feasible to create a distribution of 
>Linux which could run on old hardware - say 486 with 16MB that 
>could do JUST the following:

I would use an earlier version of a distribution that uses a 2.0.x kernel.
In order to run a graphical user interface, you will probably need at least
a DX2/66. If you're stuck with 33's, it will work, but be somewhat glacial...

Do a base install including the X-window system. (in say, Slackware 4.0)
Download and install Netscape 3.04 (which was the last 3
series....hopefully there is a Linux version). If not, install a later 4.7
series, perhaps.  For a lightweight window manager on these machines I
would recommend the use of GnuStep (with windowmaker) which is easy to
configure and lightweight. FVWM is lighter in resource demands but harder
to configure.

This setup will work fine, however you will need TALENT if you don't have
MONEY. That's the tradeoff....<grin>. Otherwise just install Win95 OSR2. It
works fine on these boxes given that performance level. In either case I
would plug in an IDE CD-Rom and do the workstation installs that way. I've
done lots of NFS installs, but the cdrom method is easier to get working
for starters.

Drop me a line when you have problems...

Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School
Edam, Sk. Canada

>connect to a Win2000 netrwork to access the internet with a JavaScript 
>(not Java) capable browser?  There would be no need for any 
>sort of additional peripherals except a floppy (no CD-NoPrinter-
>No e-mail ABSOLUTELY no sound)   Obviously size is a major 
>consideration. (I've heard this somewhere before...)
>This setup would be great for my classroom since most of what
>I would like my students to do can be done with a web browser and 
>Jeff LeMieux