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[school-discuss] Possibilities

I can spell Linus and I do have it installed as part of a dual boot 
system on my computer(RedHat 6.2 from the CD). From this point
on I am supremely ignorant of the system. I did install a TInyLinux
at school - but other than the fact that it works, I haven't had 
much time to deal with it.

Here is my question:  Is it feasible to create a distribution of 
Linux which could run on old hardware - say 486 with 16MB that 
could do JUST the following:

connect to a Win2000 netrwork to access the internet with a JavaScript 
(not Java) capable browser?  There would be no need for any 
sort of additional peripherals except a floppy (no CD-NoPrinter-
No e-mail ABSOLUTELY no sound)   Obviously size is a major 
consideration. (I've heard this somewhere before...)

This setup would be great for my classroom since most of what
I would like my students to do can be done with a web browser and 

Jeff LeMieux