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[Fwd: Re: [school-discuss] Comment on current edu apps]

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From: "Kyle Hutson" <smyle@rockcreek.k12.ks.us>
Organization: Rock Creek  -  USD 323
To: Matt Jezorek <matt@bluelinux.org>,

On 23 Jan 2002 at 15:36, Matt Jezorek wrote:
> I am working on packaging applications for the Teacher and Student 
> add-ons to BlueEDU. I have a comment that I noticed.
> It seems that most EDU Apps are web based, we need more apps that are 
> not web based.

I agree with Michael Williams (I think...)

Web-based is GOOD iff it is more-or-less guaranteed to be there and 
it doesn't slurp lotsa bandwidth.  The interoperability amongst 
platforms with web-based apps is fantastic (still have that old copy 
of Be around?  great.  Amiga?  No problem.).

The best of both worlds is when you can setup your own web-based app 
locally, so YOU control the data (and with no advertising, etc.), but 
you still have all the advantages listed above.  I'm thinking of 
something like PowerSchool (and OpenSIS, as it matures - Go Ben!) - 
where you setup your own server, and then anybody can get to it.

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