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Re: [Fwd: Re: [school-discuss] Comment on current edu apps]

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 23:35, Doug Loss wrote:
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> From: "Kyle Hutson" <smyle@rockcreek.k12.ks.us>
> Organization: Rock Creek  -  USD 323
> To: Matt Jezorek <matt@bluelinux.org>,
> 	schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net
> On 23 Jan 2002 at 15:36, Matt Jezorek wrote:
> > I am working on packaging applications for the Teacher and Student 
> > add-ons to BlueEDU. I have a comment that I noticed.
> > 
> > It seems that most EDU Apps are web based, we need more apps that are 
> > not web based.
> I agree with Michael Williams (I think...)
> Web-based is GOOD iff it is more-or-less guaranteed to be there and 
> it doesn't slurp lotsa bandwidth.  The interoperability amongst 
> platforms with web-based apps is fantastic (still have that old copy 
> of Be around?  great.  Amiga?  No problem.).
> The best of both worlds is when you can setup your own web-based app 
> locally, so YOU control the data (and with no advertising, etc.), but 
> you still have all the advantages listed above.  I'm thinking of 
> something like PowerSchool (and OpenSIS, as it matures - Go Ben!) - 
> where you setup your own server, and then anybody can get to it.

	When trying to find a solution to this equation, I came up with a "Java
2 Enterprise Edition" framework based application. It's not perfect
because to run J2EE you still have to use a non-open-source JDK but
beside that all the tools I used are open-source (free in the meaning of
the FSF).
	It's a 3-tier framework.The App server will handle objects and object
persitence in the database. You can then build any java based
distributed application you want. For my needs, I have web applications
and script applications (jython) that all connect to the same app server
allowing flexible handling of the data. But in the future I plan a Swing
based application which would be more user friendly for schedule
	It's just a 20000miles overview of J2EE but if you want to discuss it
more feel free to ask ! ;-)


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