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Re: [school-discuss] #schoolforge IRC channel

<plug>Or you could use LinkNet. Which using AES encryption to secure
things, and SSL. Its pretty nice. Plus I run a server for LinkNet and am
an IRCOP. Irc.fliphead.com :) You can use SSL to connect, or just
regular style.</plug>

Jeff Knox

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 16:50, Teemu wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 January 2002 22:14, you wrote:
> >  I'm in france right now and can't say much, but I used to be
> >  a big fan of OpenProjects and was involved in administering
> >  it (I cooridnated its conversion to dancer-ircd, though not
> >  as well as I would have liked to due to some problems with a
> >  certain person *cough*).  I would strongly suggest we don't
> >  get too comfortable on OpenProjects, there may be an
> >  alternative which appears RSN which will be strongly
> >  preferable...
> Well the network seems to be quite unstable (maybe too wide spread) but 
> atleast it's quite secure to be there, no script kiddies laying around to 
> take0vah j00r channel or people to steal your nickname (chanserv, nickserv). 
> There are 10 people on the channel right now. If there is a better network I 
> would be more then glad to switch.. but for now this is enough for chatting, 
> and Open Projects is a good name of the network for Open Source supporters to 
> lay around...
> Teemu Arina
> MimerDesk.org