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Re: [school-discuss] #schoolforge IRC channel

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 02:14:31PM -0800, Daniel Dent wrote:
> I would strongly suggest we don't
> get too comfortable on OpenProjects, there may be an
> alternative which appears RSN which will be strongly
> preferable...

The most compelling reason to go with OPN is social, not technical.  And
here, I am referring to the user community, not the admins of the network.
OPN is already a bustling hub of the free software community.  I feel the
#schoolforge channel will grow and thrive in the presence of other nearby
free software projects, and cross-pollination of ideas between projects
will be facilitated by having them all on the same network.

If an alternative grows up to the stature of OPN and turns out to be a
"kinder, gentler irc network" it may be worth considering as an alternative.
But for the time being, we have OPN, and that's where everyone seems to
gather.  I feel it is an excellent choice for the present.

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