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Re: [school-discuss] #schoolforge IRC channel

On Wednesday 23 January 2002 22:14, you wrote:
>  I'm in france right now and can't say much, but I used to be
>  a big fan of OpenProjects and was involved in administering
>  it (I cooridnated its conversion to dancer-ircd, though not
>  as well as I would have liked to due to some problems with a
>  certain person *cough*).  I would strongly suggest we don't
>  get too comfortable on OpenProjects, there may be an
>  alternative which appears RSN which will be strongly
>  preferable...

Well the network seems to be quite unstable (maybe too wide spread) but 
atleast it's quite secure to be there, no script kiddies laying around to 
take0vah j00r channel or people to steal your nickname (chanserv, nickserv). 
There are 10 people on the channel right now. If there is a better network I 
would be more then glad to switch.. but for now this is enough for chatting, 
and Open Projects is a good name of the network for Open Source supporters to 
lay around...

Teemu Arina