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Re: [school-discuss] Definition of Eduml

On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 06:58:18PM -0800, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Maybe add a one or two sentence description of what EduML is, who would
> use it, and why it is useful.

how about in 3 short paragraphs?

> (I have seen a lot of messages about this EduML. Can anyone quickly
> explain what it is?)

Eduml: EduML: Education Markup Language:  

1. as XML Schema:  described fully in http://http://eduml.anet.fr/specs/eduml.1.0.xml
                   (scroll to the middle to see the Markup Tags) . Designed
                   in 1998-1999 as a standard for intercommunication between 
                   educational applications
2. as Zope-Wiki Extension: a loose XML-like language to simplify educational
                   tasks (quizzes, math rendering, online report cards, online
		   course management, openchat, etc...) described partially in:
		   http://ess.vancouver.bc.ca/bruno/eduml/FrontPage in 2000-2002
3. as a Movement: a free-people movement of education stakeholders who want to
                   enjoy the benefits of interoperable educational software
                   in order to maximize sharing  among learning communities, 
		   (and minimize re-inventing of wheels and stranglehold of 
		   monopolies). Speech: (in french) http://eduml.anet.fr/apropos.html