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Re: [school-discuss] Project developing free school server solution

fredag 17. oktober 2003, 23:39, skrev Bjoern Scheuermann:
> What we're especially missing are the really "school-specific" features
> in skolelinux, like an advanced user management which is aware of
> "students" and "teachers", of teachers being allowed to permit and deny
> things, of students being in "classes" and "workgroups", of classes
> changing every year (without having a local administrator to spend a
> whole day for this procedure),

Unfortunately I was involved helping more schools in adopting
Skolelinux the the last two weeks, so this answer probably came a bit

Anyway, you have tested the old user-admin-tool in pre-release 40 of
Skolelinux. The new user-admin-tool will support the most of the
functionality you asking for. A prototype was ready in may this
year. We needed a production-ready solution with code that is clean
and production ready. Therefore we hired a the skilled
debian-developer Andreas Schuldei was to help us with the task. We
will test the solution extensively in november 2003.

If I have understood Andreas right, the difficult programming is
already done. It's just two user interfaces left to program in the new
user-admin-tool in Skolelinux. The prototype for the system was
developed in the spring 2003 in close cooperation with 5 different
schools in Norway. The teatchers made the recommendations, and told us
how it should be in the school environment.

A new user manual is written for the system. The code is in
CVS. (Unfortunately in Norwegian, but it's understandable):


We are also working closely with the Debian community on other
issues. The most prominent is the new installer that has reduced the
amount of question from 128 to 3 when installing the system.


It's not a big job to change the network architecture as this
links will show:


As an answer to Paolo Pumilia' question:  

> What are the differences between that and your distribution ?

Heres's the explenation: 


We will do what it takes to commit all our changes to Debian Linux. 
The next step is to integrate Skolelinux-architecture with the
FEIDE-project (Federated Electronic Identity for Education) in 



Knut Yrvin
Project leader for Skolelinux in Norway