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Re: FVWM2 change

Kai Wetzel wrote:
> Rick Jones wrote:
> [...]
> > What I really need at this point is some input on the aspects of a GUI
> > that everyone thinks is important in making the decision.  Such as
> > memory useage, disk useage, first impression, versatility,
> > configureability, etc.  I would like to get some examples with each
> > catagory as well.
> Do you mean window managers here or are you talking
> of other GUI stuff as well ?

GUI as a whole.  Should we use tkstep, tk, 3d libs, etc.

> In the case of window managers maybe we should
> compile a list to compare features.

That is my intention.  I want to compile a list of areas to compare
based on our collective experiences and preferences, along with