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Re: FVWM2 change

Rick Jones wrote:
> What I really need at this point is some input on the aspects of a GUI
> that everyone thinks is important in making the decision.  Such as
> memory useage, disk useage, first impression, versatility,
> configureability, etc.  I would like to get some examples with each
> catagory as well.

Do you mean window managers here or are you talking
of other GUI stuff as well ?

In the case of window managers maybe we should
compile a list to compare features.

- window look impression
  - configurability of look
    - different border styles ?
    - color schemes ?
- what focus policies does it support ?
- virtual desktop support ?
  - pager support (like fvwm)
- support for disjoint workspaces ( la KFM) ?
- application launching
  - root menu ?
  - button bar and/or panel ?
- configurability
  - GUI "control panel" ?
    - All features/subset ?  Easy to use ?
  - direct manipulation config (e.g. with DnD) ?
- ...

- color usage (does it work well with few colors ?)
- memory footprint
- startup time (with/without pixmaps)
- stability
- speed (responsiveness)
- ...

> Keep in mind that, reguardless of your personal favorites, the targeted
> users are those that know little or nothing about the *nix GUI and are
> likely to frown on having to edit various config files, after reading
> the man pages, to get their GUI to their own taste.

Yes :O)