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Re: Linux Exporer

Rick Jones wrote:
> George Bonser wrote:
> > It uses Qt but looks very familliar to Windows users.
> Windows appearence is something we need to stay away from.  If a user
> wants to do that on their own later then so be it.  At least that way it
> looks like it's an extra goody for those that like it's interface but it
> doesn't appear that we want to  have Windoze in Linux.

Hmm, I don't think we have to worry.  We won't look like
'95 if we don't pick qvwm or fvwm-95 for a default wm,
so I'd suggest to pick applications based on their
usefulness for end-users.  I tink an explorer clone isn't
the worst in this respect.  If something better comes along,
we should be free to switch at any time, of course :O)

IMO we should look into different options just as we
would for other apps, possibly write some reviews, list
feautures, etc.

For a none-Qt explorer clone, check out the fOX project.