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Re: FVWM2 change

(Posted to UI)

George Bonser wrote:
> I have a minor change to the basic Debian fvwm2 ... I want folks to either
> start using the fvwm2 hooks in /etc/X11/fvwm2 or start developing such
> hooks in /etc/X11/wmaker
> In /etc/X11/fvwm2/init.hook add the following:
> + "I" Exec xsetroot -solid lightsteelblue &
> We need a configuration control mechanism ... cvs/sccs/clearcase?

I think this is a bit premature since I have just began to examine the
options for the GUI and no choice has been made at this point.

What I really need at this point is some input on the aspects of a GUI
that everyone thinks is important in making the decision.  Such as
memory useage, disk useage, first impression, versatility,
configureability, etc.  I would like to get some examples with each
catagory as well.

Keep in mind that, reguardless of your personal favorites, the targeted
users are those that know little or nothing about the *nix GUI and are
likely to frown on having to edit various config files, after reading
the man pages, to get their GUI to their own taste.

Try to think like you've never even seen a *nix system before.