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Re: The Distribution

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> > Very good.  Is that NFS also the proposed destination for all SEUL?
> > Should I mount it for building the GUI tree?  Or is seul providing HD
> > space on their systems?
> We have a CVS server, and we haven't figured out how to distribute things
> yet.  What I need is some time to work this out, without having to keep up
> with these lists.  I'm not saying stop discussing, but I think I need to
> write up some things first, to get everything going in the right direction.
> Please be patient, there's only one of me, and no one else around that can
> help me.

Not a problem.  George is on the leaders list.  I've sub'd without
success.  I thought he might know something I don't due to that fact.

If I should stop working on getting the GUI together, let me know.