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Re: Prelim: Window manager for installation process.

Rick Jones wrote:
> Jeffrey wrote:
> >
> > Do we even need a window manager for the install? A friend of mine use
> > to run a whole bunch of xterms without a window manager.
> > Any window movement stuff can be built into the install
> > apps as needed. -Jeff
> I had thought about that.  The thing is we want an attractive
> appearence, maybe with a logo etc.

Well, I don't think we need a WM to look attractive.
The 50K saved on the disk could even be used for some
nice graphics (optimized for 4bit VGA :)  Many multimedia
apps come in mind.  The question is whether we need
movable windows (e.g. for warning dialogs) or whether we
can do without (like the game "Heroes II" for example.)