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GNOME and the GUI

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> > I have no idea about gnome at this time.  What is the urgency with it?
> > Is it Linux core or SEUL?
> GNOME is the interface (toolkit, standards, apps) that Debian and RedHat
> are pumping resources into, as the alternative to Qt/KDE.  It's 100% GPL'd,
> and IMO a better architecture (from what little I've seen of it).  They are
> discussing CORBA right now, and Raster (author of Enlightenment), who now
> works for RedHat's RHAD labs (www.labs.redhat.com), is now working on it.

I like the idea of Raster working on themes for it.  The kid is a
graphics geneous.  It was enlightenment that I was giving the most
consideration for the main GUI.  I think it would impress a first time
user to the point of climax (figuritively speaking - I think) =)  I was
trying to compile the DR 13 version a bit ago but keep getting some tsv
something or other error in the main function.

Anyway, if it seemed stable and functional enough for every day use I
was going to post it for coments.  If he is working on gnome and RH, and
RH is going with Enlightenment, as I was told yesterday, it might be a
more fitting choice than I originally though until gnome is to a
comparable point.

> Because of it's acceptance by such large groups, it seems ridiculous to
> ignore it.  It will soon be supporting themes (ala Raster), and if we can
> get involved in its final stages of *design* (which are going on about
> now), we can influence it in the right directions.

I went to check it out right after I sent you that last post.  It really
sounds like it's exactly what we need, SEUL and Linux in general.

What do you think of using another GUI, temporarily, until gnome is
ready for all out deployment?  Ofcourse we should include gnome at all
stages until that point, but not as a primary GUI.  From what I see,
some of the programs in gnome are stable and could enhance whichever
interface we use temporarily until the changeover.