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Re: Windmanagers

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
>   I took a look at the latest version of WindowMaker, which is a window manager
> that emulates the OpenStep window manager.  As far as I can see, and I've been
> using it heavily for a few days, is that it is quite stable and good looking.
> It is quite a resource hog, takes 64 colors of the machine, which is quite a
> lot when you have an 8-bit deep color display.

That is a choice I've been considering.  I haven't checked it out yet,
I've been working on Enlightenment.

Can you get Enlightenment at www.enlightenment.org and compare it with

I'm leaning toward enlightenment for a few reasons.

	1. Rasterman, author, is now working for Red Hat on the gnome project
which 		is the source of our desktop tools.  I figure that both gnome
and E are 		going to pick things up from the other because of that.

	2. E is more configurable than any of the other WM's out there.  This
means 		that a user is free to create any look and feel he/she wants. 
Since 			"themes" can be changed via a menu selection, a user can go
from a wild 		theme to a Mac theme to a Win95 theme to an Amiga theme
without changing 		config files, as long as he/she actually has the

	3. E has a tcl configurator called Econfig that configures/builds
themes 		from within the GUI.

	4. E is a bit of a resource hog as well, not as bad as it was, but 		
considering the other pro's to it, weighed against AS and WM which are
just 		as bad if not worse, I think it may turn out to be the overall
best choice.  		The *only* other choice, as far as I'm concerned would
be FVWM, and I would 		not be happy having that represent SEUL/Linux to
prospective converts.  It's 		just too damned fake looking.  It tends to
look like something out of a kids 		coloring book.

Let me know what your comparison turns out like.  Also give me an idea
of what kind of system you're using.  Take a look at the themes page for
screen shots of some of the different themes.  Gives you an idea of the
versatility in the program.  Instead of adding a new window manager you
add a theme that looks and feels like it for a fraction of the hard
drive space.