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Re: Windmanagers

řann 24-Jan-98 skrifar Rick Jones:
> That is a choice I've been considering.  I haven't checked it out yet,
> I've been working on Enlightenment.
> Can you get Enlightenment at www.enlightenment.org and compare it with
> WindowMaker?
  I'll go check it out.

> be FVWM, and I would not be happy having that represent SEUL/Linux to
> prospective converts.  It's just too damned fake looking.  It tends to
> look like something out of a kids coloring book.
  The fvwm2 is nice... but it lacks configurability.  The dotfile generator
doesn't do it, and without such a GUI tool you feel kind of like 'stuck'
between a rock'n a hardplace.

  Have you taken a look at any GUI file managers? The Xplore file manager is
derived from xfm and moxfm, and is GPL.  The hard part is that it uses motif,
and version 2.0 of that.  But it may be possible to convert it to lesstif, most
likely.  It is extremely good looking.  Although a filemanager that could view
both local files, and remote files via ftp would be preferrable.  This feature
in the K file manager is a little too buggy (as I've seen it), and the http
doesn't belong there, IMO.  XDIR is good though, and works perfectly with ftp
too but lacks a little in look'n'feel.  And then there is the file manager from
the eXode project, called FOF (Fred's Own File manager).

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