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Re: Windmanagers

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> řann 24-Jan-98 skrifar Rick Jones:
> >
> > That is a choice I've been considering.  I haven't checked it out yet,
> > I've been working on Enlightenment.
> >
> > Can you get Enlightenment at www.enlightenment.org and compare it with
> > WindowMaker?
> >
>   I'll go check it out.
> > be FVWM, and I would not be happy having that represent SEUL/Linux to
> > prospective converts.  It's just too damned fake looking.  It tends to
> > look like something out of a kids coloring book.
> >
>   The fvwm2 is nice... but it lacks configurability.  The dotfile generator
> doesn't do it, and without such a GUI tool you feel kind of like 'stuck'
> between a rock'n a hardplace.

I was actually talking about FVWM2, sorry.  It is improved over FVWM but
still has that look of a pastel sketch of a window manager.  It's great
for doing resource intensive work, where you want every bit of your
resouces you can get and functionality of a good window manager.

You can change the fonts and the colors but other than that you are
still stuck with a plain jane window manager.  There's no doubt in my
mind it will be available in optional.  If it had the ability to add
custom graphics as E does, and had a GUI config, as E does, there would
be no question about which WM we use.  At least in my mind.