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Re: Window Managers, A question Part Deux

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
>   Well, there are a lot of file managers out there, and some of them like
> 'xplore' can be re-written for a free widget set, like lesstif.   Xplore is
> GPL'd and very good, IMO.  I'll take a look, and see what's possible to do with
> it?

Where can I find this Xplore?  Does it have a visual snauser and/or
iconic display?  I like the idea of the visual snauser in the file
browser.  Then I can see which image file I want to select for whatever
I'm doing, instead of opening xv and using it's visual snauser to find
what I want.

The only one I've seen, so far, that does that is KFM and it's not
dependable so I don't use it.

>   What about the X classes library?

Hmm.  What is the X classes library?  I don't think I've heard of that
one yet.

>   That happens with xfmail-1.1 and xfmail-1.2 (pre patch 2, I think).  There
> was a bug in there, but it's been fixed.  The version I'm using now, is pretty
> stable.  And then there is 'ML 3.3', which is a motif client but compiles with
> lesstif, and also XCmail.  Now XCmail is pretty good, but I don't have a
> version that can edit accented characters... which is why I use xf-mail, I
> inserted a code there, which was uploaded to the mainstream, that allows dead
> keys.

I'll have to get the new version then, because I prefer xfmail myself,
but that bug drove me nuts so I stopped using it.

>   Well, it would be possible to offer a nice looking printer tool, as an
> example, and provide it as optional then.  I don't have a printer working on my
> Linux box (mine's broken), but when I have one working I'll write such a tool
> if I can't find it.

Sure.  I agree.  I'd like to have a good GUI print manager as well.