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Re: [seul-edu] I love progress - telnet

Jason Mellen wrote:
>         When I became my schools webmaster the IT Director had never been exposed
> to Linux. He has allowed me to set up a linux box to experiment with. Today
> when I walked into the office he said that he wanted a mail system for every
> student through telent.

I presume that you mean telnet? Get PuTTY (from tucows) and put it on
every Windows machine, then do the email through ssh (openssh on the
server works well for me). That way, it'll be (more) secure, and you'll
get people used to working on the Linux box with a system that you have
to pay money for on Windows. Also, PuTTY's VT-100 emulation doesn't suck
anywhere near as badly as the native Windows telnet client does. You
might want to consider putting on a free Windows-based X server while
you're at it, so they can all play XBill... (-:

_Do_ check your file permissions first (my Mandrake 7, installed at
"paranoid" security level, has an annoying but useful security script
which does this automagically every midnight) so that your squillions of
happy new users don't get loose in your system!