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[seul-edu] Linux/Open-Source presentation at TESOL in April

For those of you in the TESL/TEFL field and planning to attend TESOL 2002 in 
Salt Lake City, you may be interested in this session that has just been 
accepted.  I'd be happy to see some fellow seul/edu members there.  

Jeff Nelson

Title: Open source educational software development
Friday, April 12, 2002, Salt Palace, Meeting Room 255A
Time: 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm
Room Capacity: 140
Open Source software development has recently received widespread publicity 
due to the popularity of the Linux opering system, but can this be useful for 
education?  The methods, philosophy, and educational applications of Open 
Source software development will be discussed in an informational and 
brainstorming session.
Presenter List:
Jeff Nelson, UAE University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates (e-mail 
jtnelson@emirates.net.ae); Colin Sachs, Washington State University, Pullman, 
Washington, USA (e-mail sachs@wsunix.wsu.edu)