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RE: [seul-edu] Re: curriculum Re: [ma-linux] Linux Education

Mr. Chen and others on this thread:

Beware of a mistake often seen in community-technology efforts: aiming right
over the targeted learners' heads!

Note that Mr. Reed's students have _sys-admin_ backgrounds and spend _135_
hours on his curriculum.

I would ask a lot of questions about the background of your prospective
students, their interests, their reasons for being in your class, what kind
of computers they have at home/school, etc.  Don't assume that LPI
certification is the most desirable (or achievable) end-result.  Don't
assume anything if you can help it.

I'd look for some help/support if this is your first attempt at such a
class - being stuck alone in a classroom with even the nicest kids can be
overwhelming (and ego-threatening) in so many ways.  Don't forget at least a
simple post-evaluation by the students of how the class went - for your own
sake and that of future efforts.

Of course, I know nothing about your situation - just wondering if these
considerations had occurred to you.  I'd be glad to have a longer
conversation off-list if you'd like, where I might share some experience
with high-school students, informal classes, and workforce development
initiatives.  I'd recommend at least a glance at www.ctcnet.org and
http://www.americaconnects.net/ for general tips for working with

Good luck at any rate - and please let us know how it goes (as it goes).

~ Ms.G

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Wow, talk about timely discussion.  Today I was asked if I could look
into a curriculum for teaching a Introduction to Linux class. Do any of
your students take LPI exams? If so, how much class time is generally
involved in getting the students to pass the LPI Level 1 exam? (I might
be teaching high-school students in an after school program)

-- alan

Alan Chen
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