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We have been using StarOffice aat Corbett Elementary School, since
Version 5.0 from StarDivision, heck we actualy purchased a site license
for it ($500 for the school).  The only problems I have been having are
with StarOffice on NT and multiuser installs (it wants to install the
fonts, and users don't have the ability to write to that directory).

Right now on the Linux side (90% of the use or more in the lab is
Linux), we are using Open Office 6.0 beta (build 638IIRC).

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Michael Hall wrote:

> We use Star Office 5.2 in every school in the Northern Territory
> (Australia), about 180 in all. There are some complaints about it being
> slow, but the fact that it opens .doc documents is brilliant and most
> people are happy enough with it. Most people only want something that
> works, they don't care who made it or how. So I think that, despite all
> it's problems, Star Office is a good thing. We're using for staff and
> students, the kids are using it for word processing, desktop publishing
> newspapers, making talking books (with Impress), image editing, etc. Hey,
> look at the price and compare with the new XP Office!
> The Northern Territory Education Department has some documents about
> using Star Office for various things. If anyone is interested I can dig
> them up. I think they're PDFs, available from the LATIS (Learning and
> Technology in Schools) site somewhere at http://www.latis.net.au
> Michael
> On 27 Nov 2001, Stefan Ekman wrote:
> > tis 2001-11-27 klockan 17.58 skrev Doug Loss:
> >
> > > I'll go out on a limb and suggest StarOffice as a good solution.  I've
> > > never used Outlook or MS Echange though, so I can't make an honest
> > > assessment.  The nice thing about StarOffice though, is that it's
> > > available for Windows as well as Linux.  This leads to another strategy
> > > for getting Linux into the schools - introduce StarOffice first, and
> > > switch over to Linux later.
> >
> > The only problem is that the 6.0beta of Staroffice doesn't contain any
> > calendar anymore. I guess that the calendar is gone as I can't find
> > anything about it on the staroffice site and the openoffice site. An
> > alternative calendar/email/groupware suite almost looking as Outlook is
> > Evoluton from Ximian (www.ximian.org). It can even import files from
> > Outlook.
> >
> > /Stefan
> >
> >
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