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Re: [seul-edu] Re: coalition future (was: RE: [coalition web ring])

"David M. Bucknell" wrote:
> Schoolforge.net does need a home, Roger, and I like your idea of using it to
> "ramp up" the services offered to school-oriented projects. It's a good idea.
> As you say, it's a missing piece and whatever brings cohesion to the group of
> people working in about the same direction is good, I think.
> For those who don't remember or know about it, schoolforge appears to be the
> next step in developing not only school apps, but the content that goes in
> them.
> Anyway, I'd be glad to work on this with anyone else interested and there's
> probably no better place/group than seul/edu to host it.
> Certainly, this would be part of the coalition, eh?
I'm all for this.  This could be useful in developing the educational
software installations for the various distributions that Roger, Bill
Kendrick, and others have mentioned.  And since SourceForge seems to be
going proprietary, it's probably a good idea to have a place for
free/open source educational software to live (other than Savannah,
which maybe a bit too restrictive in their license requirements for our

This should be a central part of the coalition.

Doug Loss