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Re: [seul-edu] Site tools for Schoolforge

Cees de Groot wrote:

> Michael Hall <admin@openlearningcommunity.org> said:
> >
> >I know we all find what we're familiar with easiest, but Zope is really a
> >much more complicated thing to set up and maintain than a PHP application,
> >for no real gain.
> >
> The gain, as someone else mentioned, is that it becomes easy, almost trivial,
> to extend your site with any of the hundreds of products that are all written
> to the same framework.
> And getting a Zope instance running is double-clicking an executable installer
> under Windows, no webserver needed. A central site would be managed by someone
> with Zope knowledge (I already volunteered to host it), so that's no
> counter-argument either.

We have to make a distinction here.  I've noticed that when we talk about site
tools, we've been talking about two different things.  One is tools to be used on
the Schoolforge site to allow it to function optimally.  The other is tools
provided by Schoolforge for the use of individuals in their schools.

I see no reason why we can't cover _all_ the tools mentioned here in the second
context.  However, in the first context we'll need to choose what we will use

I'm curious about Zope.  Difficulty of setting up and maintaining isn't a
show-stopper in my opinion, as the setup is a one-time thing, and I know we have
Zope fans capable of doing and willing to do the maintenance.  My big question is,
how well would Zope and the various plugins fit our needs?  Cees and/or Bruno
Vernier, could you look over David's and Roger's lists of functional requirements
and tell us what it might take to realize them in Zope?

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