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Re: [seul-edu] Reservations about Wikis: Site tools for Schoolforge

> Ok. If I'm wrong, please point out how. My reservations about Wiki's for
> curriculum are:


I think your reservations about wikis come from some
common misconceptions about wikis. I have found them
to be extremely valuable tools for curriculum and
curriculum development. As I mentioned in a previous
post, I don't think a wiki is the best primary tool for
Schoolforge, but I do think that wikis are an important
tool to include in any educational package.

Rather than go on about it here, I opened a page in the
seul-edu wiki.


Maybe any people interested in this topic could post 
replies to the wiki page as an experiment?
Doug, is this ok? I don't want to suggest anything 
that diverts the main content of the mailing 
list. (Although for this thread that would be like 
trying to divert a fire hose with one of those 
little tiny plastic red straws ...)

L. Prevett
Mathematics Instructor
Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, US