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[Fwd: [OpenClassroom - Developers] Work split assignments - get involved.]

Sorry for the cross-post, I think this might be of interest to some of
you, folks.

As promised, OpenClassroom is moving ahead. You can expect an Alpha 01
release of the OpenClassroom Client package in 02 weeks. Stay tuned.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

"Jose C. Lacal" wrote:
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> >Bringing the power of Open Source to Education<
> Hello, folks:
> Below please find a list of tasks where OpenClassroom could use a lot of
> help. Take a look and let me know what task seems interesting to you.
> Each task includes a list of the technical areas touched by the task, so
> you can choose a task based on what skills do you want to practice /
> enhance.
> You do NOT need to be an expert on the particular task you want to
> volunteer for. All you need to have is the desire to learn fast and to
> apply your newly-gained knowledge, and you must be willing to comply
> with an agreed-upon timetable.
> There are enough activities in different areas to keep a lot of you busy
> for a few weeks. I will work with each of you to coordinate the tasks
> you choose.
> >From now on, any complaints that OpenClassroom lacks this or that
> feature will be answered with the standard reply "Stop complaining and
> start coding, here are the areas where you can get involved with."
> Just as a reminder: ALL the software already developed by OpenClassroom,
> and all software developed in the future, has and will be released under
> an Open Source license.
> Thank you all, in advance, for your support.
> - Create the first Open Source, free implementation of IMS.
> Background: (http://www.imsproject.org) "IMS is a global coalition of
> academic, commercial and government organizations, working together to
> define the Internet architecture for learning." "..an instructional
> management system (IMS) is sometimes known as a course management system
> or a learning server, or a CBT system or even an integrated learning
> system. IMS is concerned with standards for learning servers, learning
> content as well as the enterprise integration of these capabilities."
> >From their site
> (http://www.imsproject.org/faqProviders.html#Anchor-38840) we get:
> "Q I understand that IMS has produced a public domain prototype
> management system. Can I use this to offer an on-line course to my
> students?
> A The prototype was developed only as a proof-of-concept demonstration
> of the value of the specifications and is not optimized for speed,
> reliability, or full functionality. Commercial management systems based
> on IMS should be available from vendors later in 1999."
> Meaning: no, there are no plans for an Open Source IMS implementation.
> So, let's build one! I believe we can do this using Zope's native
> support for XML, plus the flexibility of Zope's web-like development
> environment.
> The technical focus will be on Python, Zope and XML development. This is
> a very ambitious goal, but I think we can achieve it. In any case, the
> learning experience will be invaluable, folks.
> - Interface k2admin to PostgreSQL instead of using mySQL.
> I have exchanged e-mail with k12admin's creator and he seems to be
> amenable to the idea of supporting us in doing this work.
> The technical focus is Perl and DBI (a Perl module that talks to almost
> any database).
> - Interface MiniVend to PostgreSQL instead of using flat-file databases.
> This does not seem to be a major problem, it just requires time.
> The technical focus is again Perl and DBI, plus some serious SQL
> database development.
> - Write a Python script to automate all the steps necessary to install
> the Alpha 01 (Server) software. Such as: create directories, users, set
> permissions, decompress files into the proper places, etc. Any other way
> to do this?
> The technical focus here is both Python and system administration.
> - Develop a system to create a full OpenClassroom distribution with a
> bootable CD-ROM.
> I propose to use Red Hat 6.0's standard RPM files (selected according to
> a list to be defined), plus the OpenClassroom-specific files and RPMs.
> The ultimate goal is to have a one-floppy plus CD-ROM combo that users
> can put in their PCs and get a fully functional OpenClassroom Server.
> The technical focus here is RPM creation, development of bootable
> CD-ROMs, and system administration.
> - Security.
> The Alpha 01 (Server) release was built with NO security considerations
> wahtsoever. That is unacceptable for future releases. Please volunteer
> if system security is an area of your interest.
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> Best regards.
> Jose C. Lacal - jose.lacal@openclassroom.org
> Chief Vision Officer
> OpenClassroom
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Jose C. Lacal, Chief Vision Officer


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