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Re: [Fwd: [OpenClassroom - Developers] Work split assignments - get involved.]

Jose C. Lacal wrote:
> Sorry for the cross-post, I think this might be of interest to some of
> you, folks.
No problem, this is certainly of interest to seul-edu.
> >
> > - Create the first Open Source, free implementation of IMS.
> >
> > Background: (http://www.imsproject.org) "IMS is a global coalition of
> > academic, commercial and government organizations, working together to
> > define the Internet architecture for learning." 
> >
> > >From their site
> > (http://www.imsproject.org/faqProviders.html#Anchor-38840) we get:
> > "Q I understand that IMS has produced a public domain prototype
> > management system. Can I use this to offer an on-line course to my
> > students?
> > A The prototype was developed only as a proof-of-concept demonstration
> > of the value of the specifications and is not optimized for speed,
> > reliability, or full functionality. Commercial management systems based
> > on IMS should be available from vendors later in 1999."
> >
> > Meaning: no, there are no plans for an Open Source IMS implementation.
> > So, let's build one! I believe we can do this using Zope's native
> > support for XML, plus the flexibility of Zope's web-like development
> > environment.
> >
You really need to talk to Bruno Vernier about EduML.  Bruno (and to a
lesser extent, I) looked at IMS back when seul-edu was created and
quickly realized that they will likely _never_ release anything of
interest.  Bruno's EduML is intended to do most if not all of the things
IMS is talking about with regard to XML.  The big difference is that
Bruno is actually _working_ on EduML.

You should also check out the AUC (Authenticated User Community for
Education) <http://library.advanced.org/27155/>.  David Moore is on this
mailing list.  I'm sure the AUC team would consider adding support for
PostgreSQL.  I don't know about going from their CGI-based format to one
based on Zope, but I rather suspect they'd be interested in the idea.

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