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RE: seul-edu members in Taiwan

From 1961 to 1963 (back in another life) I was in the USAF Security Service
(a communications-intelligence gathering side of the USAF) at a radio
intercept site at Shu Lin Kuo Air Station, North of Taipei in the mountains.
I'm sure the site is long gone, but my memories of periodic tremors we
experienced there remain.  I have great memories of the Taiwanese people,
and I have followed over the years the country's economic and social

May I add my voice to Doug's and say that my thoughts and prayers are with
those who have suffered loss or have otherwise been affected by the

I'm not a programmer but I've followed this list from its beginning.  My
very best wishes to those whose lives have been affected by the Taiwan
earthquake and its aftermath.

Douglas Ort
Watertown NY USA

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~Bill Ries-Knight just brought something up to me that I hadn't
~considered.  We all know about the large earthquake in Taiwan.  We have
~a number of members of our community in Taiwan.  Please, Hilaire
~Fernandes, Barret Dolph, Daniel Glenn, and anyone else on the list on
~Taiwan, send us a message to let us know that you're all right.  And if
~there's anything we can do to help please let us know that too.
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