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Re: SEUL: Searchable website!

Roger replies:
>>the same search engine on their web site. I don't know which is better but
>>Linux Journal has their archives listed in the reverse order to SEUL's,
>>current to older. Also another site has them in the same order as SEUL's but
>>has a link to the current one. This helps when the number of posts gets
>Should be a togglable config option somewhere. That's a good point. Anybody
>else have opinions?

The other site is at http://www.jimpick.com/lists/opendesigner-list/

>>Just ideas. Finally on the education page we should change the computerbank
>>piece to:

>>    ComputerBank is a project to reload old 386 PCs tossed out by
>>with lightweight, free Linux applications, for distribution to kids in low-
>>income families who can't afford a new PC.
>Changed..let me know if it's what you had in mind.

Looks good for now till we get a new links page set up.