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Re: [seul-sci] For comments: .DOC

Danilo Gonzalez Hashimoto wrote:
> Hello people,
>         LyX has a problem. It requires X Servers for the Windows port. I'd be glad to > have money to buy some copies of it(many people else would be). Does anybody know about > any free production useful X server for Windows? It would be nice, many programs have > ports to run on windows this way.

Actually, there is a free production quality X server:


I haven't used it recently, but it worked fine for me last time I tried
it.  However, it isn't as nicely packaged as commercial offerings, like
Hummingbird Exceed.  (For example, you have to manually log in to a
remote sysstem, set the DISPLAY variable, and then start an X term,
rather than some more automatic startup)