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Re: [Computerbank] At Rosslyn Street late

Hello everyone,

When discussion about matters concerning everyone everywhere in Australia
is on, how do we know everyone is seeing it?

I ask that because I'm sending this message to 

CB Committee 1 <cb-private@lists.vicnet.net.au>,        
CBV Committee 2 <cb-private@thingy.apana.org.au>,
"computerbank@lists.linux.org.au" <computerbank@lists.linux.org.au>

which I got off Kylie's earlier posting about work going on late in Santa's
Cave, but I know I'm only on one of the lists and anyhow I think there are

Which list has everyone on it -- volunteers, paid up members, employees,
techos, those who have only become recently interested, fellow travellers,
donors, recipients, potential members, interested parties, friends, family
and colleagues -- in every state and the bush?

How do we know they are all on it hearing the latest? 

And how many are there?

Regards, Bruce (Melbourne)

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