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[Computerbank] Re: [cb-private] the Annual General Meeting

[I received a private email which told me something ... and I want you guys
to hear my response. Bruce]

I don't get any [cb-private] postings back but at least I now know I can
send, have you a clue why I'm only half "on"?

In posting what I did I was wanting to initiate an Australia-wide awareness
and discussion of this whole "national" character of Computerbank, both WA
and QLD are well in place but we need to boost the others. Knowing they are
part of a wider organisation able to help in various ways and having
frequent contact with the whole *family* of Computerbankers across Oz is
important to the wider development of our organisation.

Did you know we have a node in central NSW?

When the AGM comes it will be held in Melbourne at least initially but it
must give everyone interstate equal rights as much as it can, do you know
if proxy votes will be allowed?

Those in "Control of the Group" as you say should no longer be solely
Victorians from Melbourne, not if we are serious about Computerbank
*Australia* being real.

Regards, Bruce (Ascot Vale, Melbourne) 

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