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[Computerbank] Re: [cb-private] the Annual General Meeting

Hey Bruce,

Okay this is a little tricky but I will try to explain and trust
that other cbv'ers can help fill in my gaps. 

At the moment we are a Nationally recognised body called
Computerbank Australia whose Constitution is still the original
CBV constitution. 

Ok so we've had the stucture change, we've had the name change -
all thats left to do is change the Victorian-centric Constitution
to reflect an organisation with multi-levels including a National
Committee, State Committees and Regional Nodes.

Clayton Utz have been working on the draft of this revised
Constitution and it should be available for all to see and
comment on very soon. :) 

We, in Victoria have to call a special general meeting, allowing
21 days from the date we call it, in order to vote the new and
nationally improved Constitution into existence (remember we are
still constituted by a Vic Constitution). This kind of means that
the Constitution has to be finalised when we call the SGM so it
will be important for all people to get their feedback in. 

We did post an original draft on this list some time ago, we got
a little bit of feedback and this has been incorporated into the
new draft.

I'm a little vague over the order of how we are doing this, I
believe that VIC will have the SGM meeting first and then would
have the AGM - which means it would be an AGM that all states
could participate in, although the reporting would be VIC based
(for eg a treasurers report). 

I'm kinda hoping that Penni can fill in where I'm a bit vague,
Penni has been a wonderful liaison with Clayton Utz and is a
little clearer on this. 

We are thinking of an online IRC forum, using conventional IRC -
not web based IRC, even folk with Windows can participate by
grabbing themselves a shareware copy of MIRC (or whatever) and
people who are unsure what to use under linux could investigate
the use of any number of programs including Xchat and BitchX. We
will email clear instructions for joining and participating in
this online meeting. 

We are definately going to come up with some net-meeting
etiquette, if anyone has any ideas about this - please speak up. 

Hope I've covered most of what you wanted to know and hope that
this helps others.


Kylie :)
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