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Re: [Computerbank] statement of purpose

Hi Pen, Moose,

I hope you don't mind my offering 2 bob's worth to this - I've had a bit to
do with constitutions and the rules of incorporation.

Some suggestions -

Item 3.7 Group Members - I think the appropriate term is "Not-For-Profit",
rather than "Non Profit". The later could signify a commercial entity who
simply isn't making a profit... not too certain about this one but might be
worth a follow-up.

Item 9.3.g possibly complies with Ss 6, 54 (B) of the Vic Associations
Incorporation Act, however the term of Office for all Office-Bearers
probably should be clearly stated (including staff and coordinators).

A couple of points that I'm not sure are covered (Statutory references

Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic) Ss,6,54 Schedule - Matters to be
provided for in the rules of an Incorporated Association:


** (b) the terms of office of members of the committee (note: this should
also include co-ordinators);

** (c) the grounds on which, or reasons for which, the office of a member of
the committee shall become vacant;

** (d) the filling of casual vacancies occurring on the committee (this is
stated for meeting absenteeism, however I couldn't find a reference for
other times)

s. 8(2)(v)(i).

** 6. The time within which, and manner in which, notices of general
meetings and notices of motion are to be given, published or circulated.

** 7. The sources from which the funds of the incorporated association are
to be or may be derived.

** 10. The manner of altering the statement of purposes of the incorporated
association. (note - the draft states: "These Rules and the Statement of
Purpose of the Association as set out in Appendix 3 shall not be altered
except in accordance with the Act: - I'm not sure if this is sufficient to
comply with the Act).

Hope this helps,

Rgds, Don

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