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[Computerbank] other constitutional matters

At 21:19 29/08/01 +1000, Don Cameron wrote:
>I hope you don't mind my offering 2 bob's worth to this - I've had a bit to
>do with constitutions and the rules of incorporation.

Your suggestions all seemed to be worth a lot more than 20c, Don, how's
Mudgee NSW?

In my book, this list is a sort of constantly running general meeting and I
think anyone can toss in some more grist for our mill. (so to speak)


It's important to have a really good constitution and have it accessible to
anyone at anytime but..

Don't we need a simple language brief form of it? Something to start with
or as an alternative for getting a (readable) broad view of Computerbank's
total Australia-wide operations?

... my two bob's werf.


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