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Re: [Computerbank] statement of purpose

Thanks Pen!

What's wrong with what it says?


The purpose and objects of the Association are: 

(a) to promote and encourage computer literacy throughout the community; 

(b) to solicit and accept donations of computer equipment both new and used; 

(c) to give computer systems assembled from donations to approved recipients; 

(d) to promote, encourage and provide training in the use of
donated computers; 
(e) to promote the Free Software Foundation of 59 Temple Place - Suite 330
Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA and its
objectives of developing and promoting computer software that users are
authorised to copy and modify; 
(f) to increase public recognition of the contribution of the GNU/Linux
computer operating system developed by the Free Software Foundation in
facilitating access to computing in the community; 
(g) to promote the use of the GNU/Linux computer operating
(h) to undertake promotional and fundraising activities as
required from time to time to achieve these objectives; and 
(i) to associate or affiliate with other organisations having similar or
complementary objectives.


They are not the sort of words I'd use but it fits the rest of the
document, why do we emphasise the GNU/Linux connection so much? Aren't we
just using it to get donated computers to worthy recipients as quickly as

Regards, Bruce

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