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Re: [Computerbank] statement of purpose

Thanks Pen,

I'm getting a bit defeated though, I'm uninclined to read and understand
the whole constitution to be able to properly help. I didn't appreciate
initially that it was a special set of words needed for the constitution as
against a Mission Statement or generally agreed and constantly in mind
*attitude* of all Computerbankers, is that written down somewhere else?

It seems you are pretty much on track now though, why not post us your
current (work-in-progress) draft of the SOP?

What you say below seems right to me..

Regards, Bruce

PS. I hope others are helping you?

At 00:25 31/08/01 +1000, The Moose(tm) wrote:
>In fact it is too long winded and contains statements which are covered by
>the constitution.
>a to d are ok as they cover our core business but they could be combined
>into one shorter statement.
>eg. To give donated computer equipment to community groups and low income
>earners, thereby providing them with the tools and training to become
>computer literate. Something along these lines any ideas anyone?
>Maybe something about the use of Gnu/linux and the promotion of the Free
>Software foundation as an economically viable alternative to current
>commercial software for the economically disadvantaged                  
>I wouldn't include anything to do with h or i as they are covered in the

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