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Re: [Computerbank] statement of purpose

Hello everyone,

I hope we can, with everyone tossing in their two cents worth come up with
the 'just right' set of words for this -- meanwhile perhaps it's helping us
all think some more about *us*?  

I don't think I can come up with the right set of words but Pen has asked
for our help so, in the spirit of their cooperative development on here,
does the following help? 


* From what Penni sent us, the current draft of the SOP could read (I'm
probably well wide of the mark?):

To generate a consistent stream of donated computers nation wide

To refurbish and distribute them to disadvantaged Australians everywhere 

To help all disadvantaged Australians across the digital divide in this and
other ways

To provide training and.. 

To promote the idea that everyone should and *can have a computer connected
to the Internet 

Given that there is a big enough stream of donated computers for our
national team of volunteers to refurbish and distribute and..

Sufficient cash donations to cover the charity's operating costs. 

To promote open-source software

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