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Last nite's IRC meeting

Hi all,

Thanks to everybody who came along to last nights IRC meeting - I
think we had a very productive session. 

I have a copy of the "IRC meeting minutes" as logged by Dave. I
can forward copies to people individually. Let me know if you
want one.

I rang VCOSS (Victorian Council of Social Services) member body
of ACOSS. They are one of the Peak bodies in social services and
would be quite happy to look over our documents when they are
drafted. If they feel it is a good idea (phone conversation was
very positive) they will endorse it.

I am also waiting to hear back from the Dean of Victoria
University Arts Faculty - re: his support for computerbank.

I rang (this is the second time) Petro Georgiou' office. he is
the Federal Member of Parliament for Kooyong (lib). The secretary
I spoke with suggested that we send our documents to them. She
also noted our conversation and said she would draw this to the
attention of Petro.

Trish (from Victoria) has volunteered to help us with our
organisation establishment (she has done this kind of thing
before) and she is also offering to help us with funding
submissions. I think she will join the list soon. One of my
lecturers is also helping in this department.

I am also getting emails from other people (most are vic based)
with offers to volunteer. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we
may recruit more people - particularly for the operating stages
of computerbank? 

I have a journo source for national newspaper IT reporting
interested in following our development.

I think I am scheduled to come along to a LUV meeting in Jan to
talk about it, perhaps other people are doing the same. 

I have registered the web site with some search engines - however
I would like to move it to a more appropriate site - can we get
own domain name (maybe a donation?? ) or similar? Perhaps
linux.org.au would be the place? Any suggestions welcome. In
particular  - since we may hope to have web pages  and
information collections of pointers for users  - we might want to
consider the possibility of our own domain name for this purpose? 

BTW - How do people think the news site of the compbank pages
should be delivered and what content do people think it ought to
have? I am aiming to improve and reconstruct the site - so does
any one have any ideas ?? - I would also like to incorporate the
articles of association etc into the site. (hey Sam??)

Gimp.org said that they would announce on their site that we need
a logo for computerbank. I have to let them know soon.(Personally
i feel that the logo should be designed on GNU/Linux platform -
eg: GIMP - as should all graphic design stuff that we use for the
project) They said that they would be unable to offer us a
monthly comp spot because they are overloaded with requests
already. Any other people with thoughts on this? 

Thats the latest from me. Comments welcome.