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any OSS text mode word processors?

It's 10 Dec 98  05:26:40,
We'll return to terry@albert.aapra.org.au and All's
discussion of any OSS text mode word processors?

 te> I guess you're looking for something text based with support for
 te> character presentation attributes that will print to postscript?
 te> Something like a text based HTML editor perhaps? Perhaps it might not
 te> be unreasonable to expect users to learn HTML, it is a valuable skill
 te> after all.

I'd prefer something a bit less clumsy than editing HTML directly.
Being a visually oriented person, I prefer to get on with the job at
hand, than to laboriously type out formatting codes by hand (though
adding them by simple 1 or 2 keystroke combinations, a, la Wordstar, is
acceptable and probably more practical for text). :)  Also, HTML wasn't
designed as a page layout language, so precise formatting can be
difficult in some situations (even with GUI editors).

Another characteristic I feel important for text based word processing
is that the text be readable on screen, something that HTML does fairly
poorly, if you use a lot of tags.  Again, WS and WP are good examples of
what I mean here, where the representations of the formatting codes
don't have much impact on the readability of the text (or a view with
the codes stripped can be selected).

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