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any OSS text mode word processors?

It's 09 Dec 98  20:16:42,
We'll return to ken@nhj.nlc.net.au and All's
discussion of any OSS text mode word processors?

 ke> Seems people have forgotten, in the rush to GUIs, that it was possible
 ke> to get very decent work done with text mode terminals and word
 ke> processors like Wordstar, WordPerfect, etc.

 ke> Does anybody know of Open Source text mode WPs for Linux/Unix? Even if
 ke> they were written for DOS, if they are Open Source, I could look into
 ke> a port.

 ke> Sorry, I don't count vim, emacs, groff, TeX, lout, etc as WPs. I use
 ke> some of these very successfully, but a WP has to be WYSINWYG.

I can't help there, but yes, I agree.  I remember when WS 3.3 and a NLQ
dot matrix printer were the bees knees in WP. They did the job well in
their time, and WP (although I never got to master it) was capable of
outstanding results.

It would be nice to see some text based WPs for Linux.  Hmm, wonder if
there are some DOS based freeware WPs that could be made to run under

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