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any OSS text mode word processors?

I've been looking for zero-cost word processors that run on Linux.  There
are a few candidates in various degrees of stability and functionality:
Lyx, Pathetic Writer, AbiWord, Maxwell, and of course StarOffice for
personal use. Problem is these all assume X and consequently sufficient
CPU and memory.

Seems people have forgotten, in the rush to GUIs, that it was possible
to get very decent work done with text mode terminals and word processors
like Wordstar, WordPerfect, etc.

Does anybody know of Open Source text mode WPs for Linux/Unix? Even if
they were written for DOS, if they are Open Source, I could look into
a port.

Sorry, I don't count vim, emacs, groff, TeX, lout, etc as WPs. I use
some of these very successfully, but a WP has to be WYSINWYG.