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Re: any OSS text mode word processors?

On  9 Dec, Ken Yap wrote:

> Sorry, I don't count vim, emacs, groff, TeX, lout, etc as WPs. I use
> some of these very successfully, but a WP has to be WYSINWYG.

As a veteran of many happy years running WordStar I'd say its equally
true that it isn't WYSIWYG either, certainly not before its Windows
version anyway. It only seemed WYSIWYG because the Epson FX-80 was the
printer standard at the time. :)

I'd think emacs with an appropriate emulation mode would the closest
about to what you are looking for. I've seen wordstar.el somewhere

I guess you're looking for something text based with support for
character presentation attributes that will print to postscript?
Something like a text based HTML editor perhaps? Perhaps it might not
be unreasonable to expect users to learn HTML, it is a valuable skill
after all.