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Re: Distribution to use

Tony Langdon wrote:

(Hey Tony, remember me? :))

> It's 29 Dec 98  13:05:45,
> We'll return to arma@seul.org and All's
> discussion of Distribution to use
>  ar> It boils down to:
>  ar> Pick the distrib that you have the most good workers for. They'll know
>  ar> the most about it and be happiest with it.
> Good point. :-)

Hear Hear.

I wasn't meaning to start icky and long-drawn-out political

> Debian - Well, I haven't had the chance to play with a copy of it yet.
> :-(

It's yummy.  If you want to borrow some CDs you're welcome... There's
a nice guy up here called Tyson who burns Debian CDs for an
insignificant cost if you can't get them done free.  www.tyse.net I


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