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Re: New Linux distribution

Hi Odile et al,

I guess that it might also be worthwhile taking a look at the
postings on this topic in the seul-edu archives at -

http://www.seul.org/archives/seul-edu/ (I'm taking a bit of a
guess here) ?

Computerbank Victoria is still recycling systems - although we
have had to make a few adjustments to our minimum specification.
That is mimimum spec = 486 or greater, 16mb RAM and atleast a
minimum 200meg hdd. 

386's are very difficult to work with, and dont really provide
enough system resources for the newbie user. Ideally - we aim to
give newbies systems that are GUI capable. We have already
distributed 6 systems and have installed many with a base debian

Certainly I'd hope that some of CBV's more technically inclined
members would assess Tiny Linux for use on systems where the
applicant specifically requests a text based / minimalist system. 



Odile Bénassy wrote:
> As you have shown strong interest to recycling old computers,  I'm glad
> to announce a first release of TINY Linux, very small Linux distribution
> designed especially for that use.
> See
> "http://tiny.seul.org/"
> If you're interested, that would be a good idea to give me feedback,
> and/or to propose some kind of help, the one you like to do.
> This list has been very quiet, but the question if old computers
> recycling is still an important one, isn't it ?
> --
> Odile Bénassy,
> "http://perso.magic.fr/obenassy/"
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/