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Thanks in order - Networking positives

Hi All,

Its interesting to note that at the moment - a few of us are
networking and assisting between states. (in a physical sense)

NSW Computerbank are helping to assist Recruit.net, ERNI and
Computerbank Victoria in Melbourne to bring down a donation of
systems located in Sydney. They are also sending CBV some badly
needed hard drives. 

Special thanks go to Ken Yap for helping to organise this in
Sydney. :))

FYI, Recruit.net is an organisation that has a "work for the
dole" community IT project. Participants gain skills in desktop
publishing, web design, hardware refurbishment and more recently
have been gaining skills in GNU/Linux.

ERNI = Equipment Recycle Network Incorporated, recycle both
computers and equipment for low income people with disabilities.

Recruit.net assist about 4 groups, including Computerbank
Victoria, with computer collection, storage and refurbishment. We
all just had a very positive meeting re establishing a computer
recycling association. If there is interest I can certainly post
the main points arising at the meeting to this list. ??

I guess, the point of this email, then, is to really highlight
the great benefits of networking with others. But I'm sure that
many of you are already aware of this. :)

It just feels kind of great to know that people in Sydney are
helping to get systems to Melbourne. We even managed to get the
transportation donated with a contact through ERNi. 

Its just fantastic!! 


ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/