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CBV BBQ - Picnic in the Flagstaff Gardens - Saturday 9th Dec at 12noon.

It's time for CBV to celebrate and to help us all do this - we
are throwing a BBQ - picnic in the Flagstaff Gardens. :)

It's on this Saturday the 9th of December and will start at 12
noon. Flagstaff Gardens are nestled somewhere in between La
Trobe, King and William Streets in the city. Actually, Flagstaff
Gardens are very close (stones throw) to our new home at 92
Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne - so we'll all be able to trek
around there at some stage. 

CBV will supply all food and entertainment(maybe a game of
tennis?) and will hold the McCubbery Awards (named after one
helluva guy - who helped CBV find Horticultural Hall as our first
real home base).  

The McCubbery Awards will be held every year and they are all
about recognising the wonderful efforts of our volunteers. :) 

For our own catering purposes we are wanting to know how many
people to expect, so if you could please RSVP by this Thursday
(Friday at the latest) that'd be great. :) You can all RSVP to me
at kylied@projectx.com.au 

If you want to bring something - bring a drink to add to the

Cheers and seeyou all there, 


BTW: If there are people from interstate, who might be in
Melbourne next weekend - feel free to turn up and partake in our
celebrations. ;)
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