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Moving To Do Day!

Hi all those people in Melbourne,

As many of us might now - CBV has a brand new home to shift into.

We need lots of hands to help move gear from a few locations
around Melbourne. We will be hiring a truck to help with this -
but it is more important for us to have heaps of volunteers to
assist with the move.

We realise it's silly season and all, but would love to know
which might be the best day (s) to hold the move. 

How does next week, Saturday or Sunday or both sound to everyone?
Or would we be better placed to hold the move this Sunday? 

Please get back to this list with your preferences: either this
coming Sunday (10th), or the following weekend Saturday (16th)
only, both Saturday and Sunday (16th and 17th) or just Sunday

Your call...

Cheers all - and hope to see many of you at the BBQ - picnic in
the park! :)

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